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5 solid wood planks & iron pipe wall shelve pipe shelves industrial pipe shelve Stand Storage Unit S

$900.00 USD - $2,380.00 USD
  • 5 solid wood planks & iron pipe wall shelve pipe shelves industrial pipe shelve Stand Storage Unit S
  • 5 solid wood planks & iron pipe wall shelve pipe shelves industrial pipe shelve Stand Storage Unit S
  • 5 solid wood planks & iron pipe wall shelve pipe shelves industrial pipe shelve Stand Storage Unit S
  • 5 solid wood planks & iron pipe wall shelve pipe shelves industrial pipe shelve Stand Storage Unit S
  • 5 solid wood planks & iron pipe wall shelve pipe shelves industrial pipe shelve Stand Storage Unit S

I understand that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, no refund and no returns . I also understand that once my order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. Thanks !Industrial , Urban Style, Contemporary Modern Furniture , Authentically Handcrafted, Made in USA in Douglas Fir Real Solid Wood & Iron Pipes **** Note: If you are in Canada or another country in the world and want to order, please send us the list you want to order from or at least a photo of the furniture you want to order and we'll send you a quote and it will include a reasonable shipping cost.


Industrial shelve rustic shelf wood shelve pipes 3/4 inch diameter shelf 5 solid wood planks wall shelves iron pipe shelve Free Shipping!

Note: Sample of 14 iron pipe colors show your choice for the iron pipe colors, if you want a particular color from our sample of 14 iron colors just send us a message attached to your order and We'll be glad in paint it in the color of your choice, otherwise We'll leave the Iron pipes in Raw Color which is the color shown and is it's natural color*****

Measurements :
Wood Planks : 11 inches depth x 1 1/2'' thickness x the length of your choice (price is adjusted
according to the length) Shelve shown is at 84 inches length
Height : 70 inches the shelve shown but if you need a different height just send us a
Custom order request and We''ll send you a free quote

What is included? : 5 solid wood pine planks (Wood planks shown are stained in Golden Oak, just select the color of your choice and send us a message attached to your order to let us know your choice please)*
46 iron pipe pieces *
48 screws for mounting with a drill bit to drill the holes for the installation*
Separation between planks is 12''

DIY industrial pipe shelves are very convenient today to storage everything ! Whether you are looking to fill an empty wall, create a fun storage option, add rustic charm to a kitchen, office or family room, these industrial pipe shelves will add a modern urban-farmhouse vibe to your space! Wall mounted shelves industrial style . Industrial look shelves 5 tier industrial look shelf retro ,industrial look shelving barn wood industrial shelves industrial . Industrial wall shelving shelves ideas is made from plumbing fittings and real solid wood !

Free shipping to US Continental*Note: Feel free to send us a message attached to your order to confirm the combination of iron pipe and solid wood color of your choice please*
1-No Return
2-No refund
3-No Cancellation

*Characteristics vary within each item and are not guaranteed in exacting appearance in every product.
* The following characteristics are considered acceptable and iconic to the appearance, nature and use of our products: distressing, saw blade or tool marks, nail holes, impressions & dents, lose knots or holes, scratches, cupping, warping, weathering, mineral staining or discoloration, cracks or splitting, rust, blotches, color changes, wood tone or stain color variations, grain or species variations.
*Due to the nature of wood and our building process, various characteristics will appear in our furniture products.
*All our beautiful Furniture features industrial steel pipe with thick solid wood shelving. The rough saw wood is handcrafted from carefully selected timber, chosen for characteristics such as knots, variable grain patterns, saw marks, nail holes, dents and distressed details, as well as many other unique characteristics. Each piece is handled with care and crafted with hours of skillful labor. The wood is sawed, shaped and sanded to form this beautiful masterpiece. The surface features a rustic plank-board feel and appearance. A full array of rich finishes and colors are available for your choosing. All finishes are hand applied and top coated with a water based polyurethane. Order your very own piece of handcrafted furniture today!
Item arrives partially assembled and carefully packaged in a box or more than one box when the item you are ordering is to big

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Care and Cleaning Instructions:

Clean water spills up promptly. Use coasters to protect from standing water and felt pads on objects to prevent scratches. Always use pot holders to protect from heat. Never place hot objects on or near furniture. Clean with non-abrasive, water-damp cloth. Never leave wet cloth on surface. If cleaning is needed due to grime, add a speck of detergent or a bit of vinegar. Never use chemicals or toxic cleaners. Never use oil-soap or silicone-based cleaners such as Pledge, Endust or Murphy's Oil. Never use polishes or dusting sprays. Use leg floor protectors to prevent stains & scratches. All items are designed for INDOOR USE ONLY, @72 degrees F @40% relative humidity. Excessive dryness, dampness, heat or cold will damage furniture.
Important Ordering Information:

All sales are final. Items are sold AS-IS with no warranties expressed or implied. Return/exchanges are not accepted. All correspondence shall be thru Etsy emails only. Special instructions/requests shall be agreed prior to ordering. End user purchases only. Buyer is responsible for entering correct shipping address and ensures location is accessible to FedEx/UPS/Uship. Buyer's responsible for additional shipping charges or fees incurred if packages are undeliverable. Buyer must report to us shipping damage within 24 hrs & send pic. Actual dimensions may vary within 3/4". All prices subject to change without notice. By placing an order, you understand and agree to all terms and conditions, shop policies, item details, FAQ's and information.