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Four Tiers Industrial Computer Desk Solid Wood & Iron Pipes Free Shipping

$1,500.00 USD - $2,500.00 USD
  • Four Tiers Industrial Computer Desk Solid Wood & Iron Pipes Free Shipping
  • Four Tiers Industrial Computer Desk Solid Wood & Iron Pipes Free Shipping
  • Four Tiers Industrial Computer Desk Solid Wood & Iron Pipes Free Shipping
  • Four Tiers Industrial Computer Desk Solid Wood & Iron Pipes Free Shipping
  • Four Tiers Industrial Computer Desk Solid Wood & Iron Pipes Free Shipping

Note : If you are in Canada or any other country in the world and you wish to place an order , please send us a message with the listing or a picture of the furniture from which you desire to order and if possible the Length in inches and We gladly will send you a free quote for you to be able to order and it will include a reasonable shipping fee .


NOTE : We are a made to order shop and We make every single furniture when We receive an order , the estimate Lead time is approximately 8-9 Weeks after ordered , then Fedex or UPS will delivery in approximately 1-2 weeks , you will receive several packages and they all will arrive separate in different dates*****

4 Tiers Industrial Laptop Desk,Solid Wood premium pine furniture grade Computer Desk,Wall Pipe Desk with Shelves,Computer Table for Home Office Free Shipping to US Continental !

Note: Sample of 14 iron pipe colors show your choice for the iron pipe colors, if you want a particular color from our sample of 14 iron colors just send us a message attached to your order and We'll be glad in paint the iron pipes in the color of your choice, otherwise we will leave them in raw color which is the color shown and is the natural color of the pipes*

Note: Sample of 18 solid wood colors show your choice for the wood colors, wood planks shown are stained Golden Oak, Provincial and Dark Walnut, just send us a message attached to your order to let us know the wood color of your choice please

4-Tier Shelf with Writing Table Design The 4-Tiers Shelf Above is perfect for Flowers Plants Display to makes your working funny,or Books Storage to let you easily get the book you want. Spacious Desktop offers plenty of work space, large enough for a Laptop and Mouse and available to put a Chair and Computer Accessories organized underneath.
Solid&Durable Construction Strong Iron Pipe Structure and Solid Wood Shelf for Excellent Loading Capacity. Can be mounted on wall and floor,provide a stable working and learning environment

Special Water Pipe Designed This Vintage Industrial Water Pipe Design Laptop Desk, adding an Vintage Style and more Vertical Storage to your study room or office space.You could creates a stylized industrial aesthetic with this pipe shelf through putting your loving decorative items and collections.

Easy to assemble, with clear instruction. Whole Sizes of Computer Desk


The thickness of the planks is 1 1/2 inch
Height : 85 inches (If you need a different measurement just send us a Custom order request and We'll send you a Free Quote)*
Depth of 3 top planks : 11 inches x the length of your choice (Length of Planks shown is 96 inches )*The Length is also called the Width and it is the distance from left to right and vice versa and the price will adjust according to the length of your choice*****
Height of Desk Top is 30 inches* (The Desk Top is the first plank from bottom to top *)
The Length is determined by the customer. just scroll to bottom and select the length of your choice, price will adjust according to the length* (The Length shown is 96 inches ) *
The depth of the desk top is 22 inches*****

What is included?

100 Iron Pipe Pieces
4 Solid Wood Planks
12 mounting screws (Screw the shelve unit to the floor is not necessary at all, just screw it to the wall on top is enough)

Free Shipping to US Continental*Note: Feel free to send us a message attached to your order to confirm the combination of iron pipe and solid wood color of your choice please*
1-No Return
2-No refund
3-No Cancellation


*Characteristics vary within each item and are not guaranteed in exacting appearance in every product.
* The following characteristics are considered acceptable and iconic to the appearance, nature and use of our products: distressing, saw blade or tool marks, nail holes, impressions & dents, lose knots or holes, scratches, cupping, warping, weathering, mineral staining or discoloration, cracks or splitting, rust, blotches, color changes, wood tone or stain color variations, grain or species variations.
*Due to the nature of wood and our building process, various characteristics will appear in our furniture products.
*All our beautiful Furniture features industrial steel pipe with thick solid wood shelving. The rough saw wood is handcrafted from carefully selected timber, chosen for characteristics such as knots, variable grain patterns, saw marks, nail holes, dents and distressed details, as well as many other unique characteristics. Each piece is handled with care and crafted with hours of skillful labor. The wood is sawed, shaped and sanded to form this beautiful masterpiece. The surface features a rustic plank-board feel and appearance. A full array of rich finishes and colors are available for your choosing. All finishes are hand applied and top coated with a water based polyurethane. Order your very own piece of handcrafted furniture today!
Item arrives partially assembled and carefully packaged in a box or more than one box when the item you are ordering is to big

Care and Cleaning Instructions:
Clean water spills up promptly. Use coasters to protect from standing water and felt pads on objects to prevent scratches. Always use pot holders to protect from heat. Never place hot objects on or near furniture. Clean with non-abrasive, water-damp cloth. Never leave wet cloth on surface. If cleaning is needed due to grime, add a speck of detergent or a bit of vinegar. Never use chemicals or toxic cleaners. Never use oil-soap or silicone-based cleaners such as Pledge, Endust or Murphy's Oil. Never use polishes or dusting sprays. Use leg floor protectors to prevent stains & scratches. All items are designed for INDOOR USE ONLY, @72 degrees F @40% relative humidity. Excessive dryness, dampness, heat or cold will damage furniture.

Free Shipping to US Continental *

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